Utah State Court Website


A resource for Utah’s court system. Highlights include court calendars, overviews of the civil procedure rules, different types of services available, and a directory of court personnel. This is also the home of OCAP, the Online Court Assistance Program, where pro se (unrepresented) parties can answer questions and have the system generate basic pleadings for them.

The Utah State Code

hosted by le.utah.gov

This is where you can find the most current version of the Utah State Code. Highlights for family law are: The Divorce code; The Utah Uniform Parentage Act ; the Utah Juvenile Court Act; and The Utah Uniform Probate Code, Chapter 5.

Up To Parents


A free resource about co-parenting, conflict reduction, and helping your children through parental conflict.

Our Family Wizard


Our Family Wizard is a paid service that provides an internet-based method of communicating all sorts of information to the other parent in a single, forensically auditable and secure way. It provides a sort of direct email, as well as calendars, expense logs and requests, information repositories for your children’s service providers, etc. There is an app that can be installed as well. This service is not free, but it is cheaper and less contentious than paying your attorney to relay information to your ex for you.