One of the most memorable moments in a child’s life is the day they show up to court, dressed in their Sunday best, and get the gift of a loving family.

Every child deserves a family that loves them and cares for them. That’s why we offer a wide range of services to meet the budgets and needs of all types of families, and all the children deserving of a stable, safe, and happy home.


Stepparent Adoption


This is what most people think of when they think of adoption. With a Third Party Adoption, an individual or couple is looking to adopt a child or children who are either distant relatives, or unrelated at all.

Third Party Adoptions can be very complicated, involving State, Federal, and simetimes International law, and requiring multiple home studies.

We will handle the process for you from Petition to Finalization, so you can focus on your newest family member. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Kinship Adoption


When you are adopting a cousin, younger sibling, Nephew or Niece, or Grandchild, the process can be different than for Third Party adoptions.

These cases may still involve interstate and federal law, but they can be much less expensive becuase you may not need to do multiple home studies.

Contact us for a consultation to discuss your family’s unique situation and how you can provide permenancy and stability for these kids.

Stepparent Adoption


When you marry someone, your kids don’t. In Utah, stepparents are legally strangers to their stepkids, unless you do a stepparent adoption.

In certain circumstances, you may want to have your spouse adopt your kids legally, so that if anything happens to you, your kids stay with your spouse, instead of being taken to live with their other birth parent or a distant relative.

Contact us to discuss your family’s situation and find out if this is an option for you.

Child Guardianship


Temporary Guardianship


Permanent Guardianship


If a birth parent is unable to care for their child for some period of time any person can be granted a temporary guardianship of that child.

These guardianships are common, are granted in District Court, and can last for months or years.

These guardianships are very flimsy: if the birth parent changes their mind and files to terminate the guardianship, the district court cannot deny that motion as long as the birth parent’s parental rights are intact.

If the child would be in danger upon being returned to their birth parents, contact us to see about converting the temporary guardianship into a permanent guardianship or adoption.

There is something between a temporary guardianship and an adoption: permanent guardianship. These cases are brought in juvenile court, and are appropriate where the birth parents are out of the picture, but might come back in the future.

A permanent guardianship gives many of the “parental rights” of adoption, but is more durable than a temporary guardianship because the court has to find that it is in the best intersts of the child before custody can be restored to the birth parents.

Spencer Family Law is one of the very few firms that handle these cases in juvenile court. Contact us for a consultation if you think this is the right option for your family.